Simon Shackleton

A little about me.

I've been a creative soul since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. When I was five years old I began a love affair with music & photography which, in many ways has developed on parallel lines as I've gone through the gears of life.

I've had music featured on films such as The Matrix, Charlie's Angels and at least 20 others. I've run a number of successful record labels and have over 400 electronic music releases to my name under a variety of guises. I've also DJ'ed internationally for the past 20 years playing at many of the world's most incredible clubs and festivals (such as Glastonbury and Burning Man to name but two), and my travels have taken me from Kazakhstan to Canada, from Australia to Austria and from the USA to the USSR. 

During my adult life I've been a content creator in many fields. I've designed websites, managed online forums, edited print magazines with runs of 5000 or more. I've hosted Contemporary Classical Music Festivals, played in bands and tour-bussed my way around Europe and America. I am an arch documenter in many ways.

I've often had a camera at hand on my travels, but in recent years my love of photography has evolved into something much more consuming, and I have started putting some of my work out there for people to enjoy. 

I'd like to warmly welcome you to my Simon Shackleton SmugMug page. I hope you'll find some visual delights that will inspire. You'll find a series of Galleries below :)

Racing Perspectives